Posted by: daleyracing | July 31, 2009

Where my life has been heading…

My Life        Well, lets start about two months ago when I made a decision to move to a house I had been renting out. The tenants had not been paying me there rent which started to put me in a little bind, because I used that money to make ends meet. I took months to get them out and in that time they were not paying me the rent, the stress was taking its toll on me and my relationship, well, I finally got them out and saw my place and almost fell over. OMG… they trashed it, I had to gut the place, I had to put new carpet and paint the whole place, and had to use money I couldn’t afford to use. I finally got the place live able and moved in, I had a lot of help from my (ex) girlfriend, I then found out that my pay scale at work was being cut,  so as they say “crap happens” I thought every thing will be ok, but it wasn’t. I ended up getting in a stupid arguement with my girlfriend and we broke up after 4+ years off and on.  so I had been given a opportunity to go visit family in Washington state, my sister sent me a ticket to visit, all I had to do is drive to Vegas and hop on a plane… Woo Whooo… so I thought, every thing went smooth till sunday night after my flight back, I get off the plane and go to my car and start to drive back home. I get to whiskey Pete’s ( state line )  and stop for gas, I head out and about 14 miles out my car starts vibrating and the engine light comes on, OK, I check the gauges and nothing seems wrong but the car starts running real bad, so I pull over. by this time its 11:00 pm and I figure I better call AAA and they say it will be about a hour or so before they can tow me, this is where it really starts to go down hill. I wait for about a hour and a half then call, they said he is on his way, well this went on and on phone call after phone call excuse after excuse, finally he shows up and I said to tow me back to Whiskey Pete’s I can get a room for $25.00 which I can afford, now its 4:30 am.  So I got a couple hours sleep and was up and on the phone to the Dodge at 7:30  So I called AAA and said come get my car and take it to the Dodge dealer, this was about 8:45 and of course it fell apart again, they finally got there at 12:30 then a hour drive to the dealership.  When I got there the service guy says that it will be a few days before they could look at it, do to the fact that they closed some of the dealerships and there are only two in Vegas now, so they are swamped.  I said fine, could you take me to the airport and I would get a flight home. I called my Nephew and he said he would pick me up and run me home. 

              Ok, now I am back at work, its Tuesday and I think things can’t get worse but oh was I wrong. Now that the company is trying to save money they are returning the company cars, and we are going to be useing our personal cars, with car allowance, but my car is in Vegas broken… So the owner says I could use the truck till my car is fixed, well that’s fine. So two weeks go by and I call the dealership and they say they haven’t looked at my car yet its in line, well I waited to hear from them and a month goes by and still no call. I call them and the service manager tells me my car is next in line,  well a few days later I get a call telling me that they are disputing the warraunty, I said are you kidding me. I was stunned, I called them back and said I want a inspector to review the case, they said they would let me know…

          Now my income is cut in half and my car is broken, I am wondering if it can get worse and I am getting a vibe at work that they are going to let more people go. I could be next, I am very good at making things happen when I am down and it looks like things are going in that direction. So its time to suck it up and make things happen, the tough get going… 

          Thank God I have a house and a cool classic car, it looks like God and I are going to have to regroup and get my life back on the right track, so I am spending the weekend with my son and I am going to kick around some of my options.

God Bless…



  1. Hang in there. If God took you to it, He’ll take you through it.


    • Thank You Julijules, God Bless…

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