Posted by: daleyracing | February 24, 2009

“Hot Rod Church for Sinners”






let me start by saying that I haven’t been a church going man, however I have been kicking it around. I was just out cruising in one of my old cars when I thought I would take a different route home, so I see this giant crane working in the neighborhood and I head towards it, on the way there I see a 37 Dodge rat rod hanging out of this garage, and me being a car guy I whipped a U turn and stopped. Well I walked up and introduced myself and we started talking about our projects, we had been talking for like 2 hours, WOW!!! time flies when your enjoying something, anyways, Brian mentioned this church all the car guys go to in the area, Hmmm, I was interested in any thing to do with car people but I saw it as a way to get back to Jesus, so I said where is this church, he said he was going Sunday and we could caravan down, I was all over that. Then he said he wanted to come by and check out my car that I am putting together, I said cool. So he came by later on and we talked for another 2 hours or so, then when he was leaving he said he would be by in the morning at 8:30 to go to the Church. OK!!! This is were it gets good, lol,  well its Sunday morning and I am waiting to go to church, who’d of thunk it.  LOL…  So he comes and we head out, it was a cool drive up the 5 freeway, we get there and its not open yet, so we just stand around talking with other car guys, when I see this old beat up rat rod coming down the road, I started laughing and said now that’s a hot rod, LOLOL,  And then Brian said yeah, that’s the Pastor, I couldn’t stop laughing it was perfect.

              OK, now the pastor whips up and climbs out of his car and grabs his guitar from the back and goes inside, then I see other band members getting things set up, I am thinking wow real music at church this could be cool, well little did I know that this is a Rock a Billy Gospel Pastor, so we go inside and there is donuts and coffee, so I am standing there and I see a friend of mine standing in the corner, WOW!!!  it’s Bob O what the heck.  I walked up to him and ask how long have you been coming here, he said over 4 years, I came one time and I couldn’t get enough and I have been coming ever since, he said he knew Brian the Pastor from surfing at Sano, I told him that was really cool. So we grab our seats and the pastor starts tuning up his guitar as do the rest of the band, then out of the blue he kicks off a Rock A Billy Gospel song and it rocks, man I am thinking this is the Church for me… lol,   he does about 5 songs and the place is jumping, then he stops and puts down the guitar and starts talking, he reads Proverbes 3 and then goes on to explaining it so everyone understand what the meaning is, now I get it. That’s what I need a little down to earth teaching, and I really understood it, after the readings he plays a few more songs and the truth is you just can’t get the smile of your face while this is going on. Then we gathered outside and just talked with people and met new friends it was a great day.

           Now, I go home and my son is in bed it is his Birthday, Big 21 and the poor guy is sick with strep throat, so no fun on this day, Bummer, but I get home and go in his room to tell him what I did, and I couldn’t get the smile off My face I was so happy and I just ramble on and on about this experience it was awesome. now after 30 minutes of rambling on, I tell him I am going to show him some pics I took, of his car, I then start down loading a couple of pictures and I start to tell him Bob O was there and he about fell over, What he said, I said yeah Bob O has been going every Sunday for 4 years. So I download the pictures and Evan (my son) say hey is his name Brian, I say yes, he says I know him I have surfed with him at Sano he is really good,now that is to funny. So needless to say we will be going to Church this Sunday and I am really looking forward to it…    Things happen in mysterious ways…  There is a God…



  1. So did you make it back to church on Sunday?

  2. That is a sick car man. Thanks for sharing. GO CAT GO.

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