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1970 Z28, It’s coming along…..


         Well I am just Kicking back at the house, and just got done working on the Camaro. I have now installed the long tube headers and the dual quads, and aluminum valve covers, I took it around the block and jumped on it for a second and it broke the tires loose with ease… I Love That….   anyways the cowl hood is on and looks Awesome, I will post more pics as I get them                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I had a Great Thanks Giving with family and friends, went to a Hockey game Wed. night, and then we got a little Faded at some friends house afterwards…. Then Turkey Day was good, seemed as if everyone got along. WOW… I got to Skype my son for about 2 hours with the family, It Was Awesome….. 

  Later my Friends…..

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    Well I am back…. I have moved to Washington, and I Love it up here, I do miss the Ocean and surfing all the time, But I did bring my project Camaro to help pass time and keep me busy. I am working at a Toyota Dealership and Love it. I am planning on going to Australia to visit my son, he moved to Sydney about 9 months ago, he is doing very well and I am so Proud of him.  This Blog is going to be my way of expressing my feelings and maybe a little venting, LOL, you know it is never good to keep things bottled up.

Well until next time, Enjoy my friends….

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They come and go…

friendship_lgWell it’s wierd how friends and relationships come and go. Life is hard right now for a lot of people, I am doing fine, or as well as possible. I have moved and I am meeting a lot of nice people, I had lost a really special person some time ago, actually a couple of people, and just when I was getting down a old friend came back in to my life, not sure why but if God wants it, he will make it happen. I am really just greatful for my friends. We all need to tell people we love that we appriciate them, I know I am not a writer but some times I need to express my feeling, even if it is poorly…

God Bless

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Evan has a signature surfbord…

Evans new signature board by Gato Heroi Surfboards… It is called the   ” Daley Driver “.   I am so Proud of him…    Check out the site.

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Surfing Japan…

evan surf

evan surf 5Well my son Evan left for Japan this morning, I am so proud of what he has done in his life so far. He has gone for a 2 week surfing trip to Japan, he is leaving there to Australia for 2 more weeks. He is working in a surf shop in San Clemente, and a apprentice for Gato Heroi Surfboards for Robby, he is doing shaping and learning the glassing end of it. Here are a few pics of my son surfing, I will be posting more pictures from Japan as they come in.evan surf 6evan surf 7

evan surf 8






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My New Business…

up6-15 tasep50

2475N5_500Well, business was slow and I just wasn’t making the money I need to make,  so I got approval to be a Ingersoll Rand Authorized Dealer. And decided to start my own business and give the best prices in Southern California. I have been in the Compressor business 9 years, and I can provide professional air solutions for your compressor needs.  Above are just a couple of the Ingersoll Rand products I carry.

Wish Me Luck…

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Things can change…

hawaii golfWell,  I may have a job opportunity in Hawaii, I don’t want to get to excited, but the option to go is looking better and better. Things are tough at work right now so a offer like this will make it hard to pass up. of course I will have to rent my house again which I am not to crazy about. how ever the chance to go back to Hawaii is a once in a life time opportunity for me.

I will post more as things develop, I am getting nervous about making the decision. If God wants me to go he will let me know, I believe this…

Julijules, you may have been right…

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Where my life has been heading…

My Life        Well, lets start about two months ago when I made a decision to move to a house I had been renting out. The tenants had not been paying me there rent which started to put me in a little bind, because I used that money to make ends meet. I took months to get them out and in that time they were not paying me the rent, the stress was taking its toll on me and my relationship, well, I finally got them out and saw my place and almost fell over. OMG… they trashed it, I had to gut the place, I had to put new carpet and paint the whole place, and had to use money I couldn’t afford to use. I finally got the place live able and moved in, I had a lot of help from my (ex) girlfriend, I then found out that my pay scale at work was being cut,  so as they say “crap happens” I thought every thing will be ok, but it wasn’t. I ended up getting in a stupid arguement with my girlfriend and we broke up after 4+ years off and on.  so I had been given a opportunity to go visit family in Washington state, my sister sent me a ticket to visit, all I had to do is drive to Vegas and hop on a plane… Woo Whooo… so I thought, every thing went smooth till sunday night after my flight back, I get off the plane and go to my car and start to drive back home. I get to whiskey Pete’s ( state line )  and stop for gas, I head out and about 14 miles out my car starts vibrating and the engine light comes on, OK, I check the gauges and nothing seems wrong but the car starts running real bad, so I pull over. by this time its 11:00 pm and I figure I better call AAA and they say it will be about a hour or so before they can tow me, this is where it really starts to go down hill. I wait for about a hour and a half then call, they said he is on his way, well this went on and on phone call after phone call excuse after excuse, finally he shows up and I said to tow me back to Whiskey Pete’s I can get a room for $25.00 which I can afford, now its 4:30 am.  So I got a couple hours sleep and was up and on the phone to the Dodge at 7:30  So I called AAA and said come get my car and take it to the Dodge dealer, this was about 8:45 and of course it fell apart again, they finally got there at 12:30 then a hour drive to the dealership.  When I got there the service guy says that it will be a few days before they could look at it, do to the fact that they closed some of the dealerships and there are only two in Vegas now, so they are swamped.  I said fine, could you take me to the airport and I would get a flight home. I called my Nephew and he said he would pick me up and run me home. 

              Ok, now I am back at work, its Tuesday and I think things can’t get worse but oh was I wrong. Now that the company is trying to save money they are returning the company cars, and we are going to be useing our personal cars, with car allowance, but my car is in Vegas broken… So the owner says I could use the truck till my car is fixed, well that’s fine. So two weeks go by and I call the dealership and they say they haven’t looked at my car yet its in line, well I waited to hear from them and a month goes by and still no call. I call them and the service manager tells me my car is next in line,  well a few days later I get a call telling me that they are disputing the warraunty, I said are you kidding me. I was stunned, I called them back and said I want a inspector to review the case, they said they would let me know…

          Now my income is cut in half and my car is broken, I am wondering if it can get worse and I am getting a vibe at work that they are going to let more people go. I could be next, I am very good at making things happen when I am down and it looks like things are going in that direction. So its time to suck it up and make things happen, the tough get going… 

          Thank God I have a house and a cool classic car, it looks like God and I are going to have to regroup and get my life back on the right track, so I am spending the weekend with my son and I am going to kick around some of my options.

God Bless…

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Auto Dealers Swamped…

magnum on trailerWell, I was returning from Vegas  3 1/2 weeks ago, Monday will be a month… when I blew the motor in my Magnum, I had it towed to Chapman  Dodge in Vegas. There are only two dealers there they have closed the others. I have been waiting for the phone call to tell me how things are going but NO call, so I called them and I talked to the service manager Tuesday and he said they are so swamped that they don’t know when it will be fixed, his comment was  “it’s in line…” What the hell does that mean after about a month I was told I am number 3.  So I guess I just wait.

Leave a comment… Please

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“Loving is Not enough”

mirror cat‘Men, Women and Relationships, “People are different. Recognizing this fundamental truth is essential for creating positive and loving relationships. In practice, however, … we demand that the people in our lives feel, think, and behave as we would. And when they react differently we make them wrong or invalidate them; we try to fix them when they really need understanding and nurturing; we try to improve them when instead they need acceptance, appreciation and trust.”

We each bring different gifts to this world. We each have different work to do. Our lives are enriched when we can celebrate these differences rather than resent, resist and reject them. As we get more secure in who we are, we get more compassionate toward others.

Peace…  😎

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